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  • Neuropsychological & Capacity Assessments

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    Neuropsychological Assessments

    Perhaps you have noticed some changes in your/your loved one’s memory or thinking abilities. Cognitive testing can assist in answering whether the changes you have noticed are a part of the normal aging process or if something more is happening. You may wish to have a brief assessment to see if a full neuropsychological assessment is recommended. Or you may wish to have a full neuropsychological assessment to gain more information and to assist in tracking your functioning over time. Typically, your performance on assessments are compared to others with similar demographic variables. A benefit of undergoing an assessment now is that in addition to knowing how you performed compared to others, you may also compare any future assessments to the testing you do now to see if there has been a decline or improvement in functioning in specific areas.

    Capacity Assessments

    You may be concerned about a loved one’s ability to make certain decisions. Capacity assessments provide neuropsychological testing with specific functional assessments and/or interview questions to provide a recommendation on whether the person retains the capacity to make specific decisions. Common capacity assessments include answering questions about the person’s capacity to:

    ·      Live alone

    ·      Manage finances or make specific financial decisions

    ·      Create or modify a will

    ·      Drive a vehicle

    ·      Make specific medical decisions

    ·      Appoint a medical or financial power of attorney

    All full neuropsychological and capacity assessments include a feedback session to explain the person’s strengths and weaknesses as well as to provide recommendations. Assessments are typically conducted in-person at the client’s residence. I am fully vaccinated and wear a face mask to protect the client. These services are available within 70 miles of Colorado Springs, which includes Denver, Pueblo, Woodland Park, etc.

    If you are interested in discussing your interest in an assessment for yourself or someone else contact me via telephone or email today.